Tuesday, 25 June 2013

21 Fun Ideas to Connect Kids With Nature

Here are some ideas to have fun learning about nature with your kids. Children readily pick up attitudes and you can make a big impression by taking them outside more and being enthusiastic about the natural environment.
  1. Encourage children to play, dig and plant their own garden areas.
  2. Plant trees! Trees are a valuable resource for our natural setting.
  3. Picnic in your backyard.
  4. Study your surroundings and observe the wildlife. Make a daily log book.
  5. Take a hike! Walk in the woods; tour the community garden and wetlands.
  6. Rake the leaves and use a push mower. Without power mowers and blowers the air is cleaner. Your children can safely participate in gardening and learn to care for the earth.
  7. Participate in Earth Day and Wild Life Appreciation days.
  8. Build birdhouses and bat boxes with your children.
  9. Install a sundial.
  10. Learn about beneficial insects.
  11. Teach recycling! Create a compost pile.
  12. Learn to recognize sounds of birds and other creatures.
  13. Be an observer of nature. Point out interesting plants and animals.
  14. Talk about the weather.
  15. Draw pictures of clouds or make cloud art out of cotton balls.
  16. Make a rain gauge.
  17. Collect items from a nature walk and put them in a scrapbook.
  18. Learn about bees and pollination.
  19. Make a mini rain barrel and use it to water a plant.
  20. Take out library picture books about nature.
  21. Make up a poem about your favourite insect.
At Discovery Child Care, in Barrie Ontario, we believe in the importance of connecting children with nature. Contact Us to find out more about our eco-friendly child care facility and our nature programs.

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