Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Our Summer Campers Visit Nicholyn Farms

Our Summer Campers took a trip recently to Nicholyn Farms to learn about where food comes from. The children saw plants growing, livestock such as sheep and chickens, and had a great packed lunch. Have a look at the slideshow below and you'll see what a perfect school trip it was!

Learn more about Nicholyn Farms:
"Since 1982 our family operated farm has been ever evolving to meet the changing needs of your family. Our pleasant store specializes with meeting the growing demands of health and environmentally conscious people. We take pride in offering a one-stop shopping experience for locally produced, certified organic and traditionally raised products. Your local farmers thank you! We are able to make available our own sustainably raised pork, beef and chicken products. Our animals are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones, eat an all vegetable diet with no animal by-products and are treated with dignity and respect.  Our beef cattle graze on pasture, the pigs enjoy fresh air and sunshine, and the chickens scratch in the earth!"

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