Saturday, 21 September 2013

Discovery Child Care Kids Play I Spy With Nature

The Kindergarten class at Harvie went on an “I Spy Scavenger Hunt” this week. They were given descriptive words, including “soft”, “green”, “bumpy” “long” and “edible” (which we learned means something we can eat) and they went off into the playground to find one thing each for each of the descriptive words. 

When the game was finished, we brought our collection into the classroom and created a giant chart where we categorized our nature items by description. 

We worked hard and discussed all of our items along the way and, when we were done, we noticed that some items could be described using many different words. 

For example, a purple bean can be long, soft, colourful and edible and a piece of bark can be brown, hard and bumpy! What a great way to incorporate nature, language, math and social skills into one super fun activity!

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