Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Celebrate Earth Day 2014

Are you celebrating Earth Day today, April 22? It's estimated that over 1 billion people in 190 countries will mark the occasion with thoughtful action and initiatives such as community clean-up, seminars, games, and other awareness building activities.

At Discovery Child Care - we're very focused on inspiring our children to care about nature and to be curious and interested in the world around them.

Large environmental organizations are focused on creating and imagining green cities - and we are always evolving our green classroom through the nature explore program and our own ideas.

And now that the snow is gone and we are finally starting to see new life appearing in our gardens, I'm so excited to share the wonders of plants, insects, and animals with all our young explorers. Children respond with enthusiasm to an opening flower or seeing a seed they have planted shoot up and grow more every day.

So even though Earth Day can be a time to reflect on weighty issues of global warming and pollution - it is also a time to celebrate our beautiful planet and if you could see it again through the eyes of a child - it would look like a magical place indeed!

Happy Earth Day - Everyone!

Learn More About Green Cities

The Earth Day Website has some fun activities for kids!

  • Take the Battery Quiz
  • Explore Renewable Energy
  • Get Inspired - Art in the Garden
  • Online Eco-Games - Garbage Caper and the Great Frog Dilemma

Click here to visit the website and kids resource page.

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