Friday, 18 December 2015

Making New Year’s Resolutions with Children

As 2016 approaches you might be thinking of making some New Year's resolutions! If you have a young child it might be the perfect time to introduce the idea of making resolutions. Young children are only starting to develop habits and take responsibility for themselves. New Year’s is the perfect time to start a new ritual of creating New Year’s Resolutions together as a family. We have some ideas to make things go smoothly!

Set A Good Example
Children will look up to you and follow your example. You cannot ask them to do something you haven’t done yourself. If you make resolutions with them, and let them know you intend to stick to them, you can not only help hold each other accountable, but you lead by example. Making
resolutions can be a fun time for bonding at the end of every year. You can make resolutions as a family to be more active, learn something new, eat healthier, be kinder, or listen better.

Follow Up
You should try to follow up with your children throughout the year on the progress of their resolutions. Try to do this without nagging them. They will not want to participate if it feels like a chore they have to complete.

Be Positive
Try to word the resolutions in a positive way.  For example, rather than “Stop eating junk food”, you could try “Make healthier choices”. Or instead of “Don’t be greedy”, you could phrase it as “Share and be more generous”. By keeping it positive you set the tone for their resolutions right at the beginning

Here are a few child-friendly positive resolutions to give you some ideas! (These also make excellent adult resolutions too!!)

  • Make healthier choices
  • Get exercise every day
  • Read x amount of books by the end of the year
  • Learn or try something new
  • Be kinder
  • Listen better
  • Share or be more generous
  • Draw a drawing each day
  • Spend more time outdoors

We hope you like our tips and suggestions for family New Year’s resolutions! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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