Monday, 22 April 2013

Earth Day at Discovery Child Care - Did You Know?

Parents Canada asks, "How will you celebrate Earth Day?" The way Jed Goldberg sees it, Earth Day (April 22) is partly a day for reflection. “This is the day to pause and consider what our
environmental issues are around the planet, but more importantly, what the solutions are,” says Jed, president of the Toronto-based Earth Day Canada organization.

Looking for some green solutions for your home or community to mark the day? “There are lots of ideas that can be done on Earth Day. It just takes a bit of creativity,” says Jed. “Maybe it’s time to plan a vegetable garden or a garden with native shrubs which use a lot less water,” he says. “As a community, you could set up an electronics recycling depot or help organize a free compost distribution.”

Earth Day is an important event to mark, but at Discovery Child Care, we celebrate Earth Day, every day, with our environmental initiatives. Here are some of things we do on a daily basis as part of our commitment to sustainable energy, recycling, and reducing our environmental footprint.

  • Both our locations are exclusively maintained by organic methods - no pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides used on the premises.

  • We diligently use the blue box program and with over 200 families we only put out one trash can per week!

  • We use rain barrels and compost too. Discovery Child Care was Ontario's first licensed child care centre Bullfrog Powered, using 100% green electricity!

  • Our Harvie Road location has geothermal heating and cooling plus solar panels.

  • We have a no idle zone policy at both sites!

  • We want to lead by example, and our children are taught the three R's, reduce, recycle, and re-use.

To learn more about our eco-based Child Care programs please contact us at one of our centres in Barrie. Looking for some fun activities to share with your children? Visit EcoKids and you'll find some great ideas for games, crafts, and projects.

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