Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Overcoming First Day of School Jitters

Although I don't want to wish away the last few weeks of August, the start of elementary school is just around the corner for many young families. It should be a positive exciting time for everyone! Here are some tips to start off on the right foot.

1) Talk the Talk: Pick a time when your child is calm and well rested to sit down and have a conversation about the first day of school. Listen for any fears and talk about your own school experiences, or the first day memories from their siblings. Make sure you talk about the fun activities as well as explain some of the expectations around behaviour.

2) Visit the School: Take a field trip during August and visit the school playground. Have a look at the doors and look inside the windows. Point out things in the neighbourhood on the way.

3) Make it Easy: Plan the logistics for drop off and pick up so you don't have any unnecessary tense moments. Make sure your child is well aware of the plans and comfortable with the arrangements.

4) Assure Your Child: Give your child a strong sense of security by assuring them of the days schedule and how things works, such as lunches and play time. Children thrive on reassurances especially when starting something new.

5) Make it Special: If it makes starting school easier then splashing out on a new back-pack or pair of shoes can go along way. Having a special toy to return to after the big day could also be a pleasant event.

6) Security & Comfort: Think about including a special toy, picture, or book in your child's backpack to make them feel connected to home and secure. It might just make the difference between an okay experience and a great one.

7) Plan B: If your child is uncontrollably upset or stressed about the first day of school make sure you have a plan. Could you possibly stay with them for a short time in the classroom? Could you have a favourite toy at hand or a small gift for the teacher that your child can present to establish a connection? Is there a child in the classroom that you know and could be buddied up with yours?

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