Saturday, 7 September 2013

Too Poor For Nature Report

A recent report published in the U.K. presented findings about childhood poverty. David Bond, HuffPost, commented..

"The revelation from the report, though, is that children growing up in poverty are nine times less likely to have access to green space. They have far fewer places to play and tend to live in environments with poor air quality. These three million children are not just growing up in material poverty, but in environmental poverty. They can not afford nature."

The following film examines child poverty.

'Greater Expectations' looks at how poverty and disadvantage still wreak havoc on children's lives, causing them to lag far behind their more affluent peers in almost all areas of their lives, from health to education, early development to housing.

All of us at Discovery Child Care, believe that all children need to spend time in green space and learn about nature. Our programs are based on integrated learning, taking the classroom to outdoors.

Discovery Child Care offers interesting and educational before and after school programs. Call us for a tour. We'd love to meet with you and your child! 705-733-2052

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